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A recreational, fun place for kids, while the parents enjoy many of the other activities at the Maverick.

New Hours!

Monday thru Friday:         9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Kid's Corner is a supervised playroom for young children of members of The Maverick.  The children must have Maverick ID cards.  Kid's Corner is not a licensed nursery or day care center; therefore, parents must be in the club when their children are in the playroom.  The Maverick is not responsible for accidents.
The Maverick is a very child friendly environment, we encourage your children to actively participate in racquetball, basketball, volleyball, and swimming activities. Parents may supervise their children over the age of 12 years in our weight room area.

The following rules apply:

1.  Reservations are required for children under 15 months of age.  Make reservations at least 24 hours in advance, but be sure to cancel if you cannot come so we can allow other members to reserve your unused time.  We must charge you a $2 fee if you make a reservation, do not cancel, and then fail to show.  Phone the playroom to make reservations, but you can cancel with either playroom or front desk personnel.

2.  Parents must personally sign children into and out of the playroom.

3.  You are welcome to send snacks with your children but your children must be able to feed themselves.  We are glad to feed babies who are on bottles.

4.  The first two hours of a session are free; however, additional time will be charged at $1.00 per hour for each child.

5.  We have no provisions for potty training.  We will take children to the toilet and assist them if they ask, but we cannot wait with them.  You are welcome to come and sit with your child whenever you want.  Please take toddlers to the rest room before bringing them to the playroom.   Please leave your children wearing clean diapers.  You should label diaper bags and lunch bags with your child's name.

6. Children must be under eight years old and included on the parents' membership in order to come to the Kids Korner. 

7.  Do not bring children who are ill or contagious in any way.  We will not admit any child who appears ill.

8.  Occasionally a child may have a bad day.  In the event that a child persists in disruptive behavior or if a child cries continually for five minutes, we will page the parent.  Please come immediately.

These rules are for the protection and safety of your children.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.