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Tournaments, Leagues, Shoot-outs, and Clinics are just some of the exciting racquetball and handball activities at the Maverick.
Racquetball Rules
Are you unsure about the rules of the game or just forgot how many walls you can hit on a serve? Click here and we'll take you to the USRA official rules page.

Next Maverick Event

Texas State Singles Racquetball Championships

March 23-25

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Deadline to register is Friday,
March 16.

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Maverick Racquetball

First Saturday
Doubles Shootout

March 3, 2018
@10:00 am

The First Saturday Shootout consists of one OPEN division of doubles play. All mens players put in $20.00 and the pool is dispersed among the winners of the round robin shoot-out. Partners are drawn out of a hat from a mix of Open, Elite and A skill level players. The shootout begins promptly at 10 am.

2018 Maverick Tournament Schedule

Metroplex Racquetball Championships
February 2-4

Texas State Singles Racquetball Championships
March 23-25
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May One Day Shootout
May 12

Triple Crown Shootouts

June 9-10
July 14-15
August 11-12

September Triple Crown Championships
September 8-9

Texas State Doubles Racquetball Championships
October 19-21

November Turkey Shootout
November 11

December Holiday Shootout
December 8

Coming Events:
You can email
or call Leo Vasquez
(817) 275-3348 for additional information on any of the events listed above.

Texas State Singles Racquetball Championships
March 23-25, 2018

Join us for our next racquetball tournament here at the Maverick. The next scheduled event is the Texas State Single Racquetball Championships, March 23-25, 2018 and will offer SINGLES divisions for men, women and juniors. Everyone is invited to play in this tournament as long as you are a Texas resident or own a home here in Texas. All of the divisions will be single elmination format with matches scheduled throughout the weekend. Regular scoring format, two games to 15 points, tie-breaker to 11 points. Winners must ref. All divisions with six or less will be round robin. All players in the Men's Open, Elite, A, B and C skill level divisions will need to be prepared to play on Friday evening. Matches will be scheduled at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

This event will be hosted at the historic Maverick Athletic Club in Arlington, TX. We have free Wi-Fi, free towels, and plenty of parking for all players and guests. For more details visit the online tournament sign-up page and click on the Info link at the top. Here is the link to the page. Tournament Link

We will offer state championship medals for 1st place and 2nd place. We also offer a cash payout in the Men's Open singles, 1st Place is $500 and 2nd Place is $200. Minumim 16 players or prorated.
As ad added BONUS, we are offering doubles player for ANYONE. You do not have to be a Texas resident to play in any of the doubles divisions. These are non-championship divisions, if you win the doubles, you will NOT be the state doubles champion. If you need a doubles partner, we can even help find you a partner for doubles, just let us know when you enter or use the looking for doubles feature at the bottom of the entry sign-up page.

All entries can be pre-paid online on the official tournament sign-up page. Just click the Enter Now button below and sign up today, or you can enter by calling the club (817) 275-3348. All players must have a current USAR/TXRA membership to play. To purchase/renew a membership online click here.

Please don't wait till the last minute to enter. Click the Enter Now button to sign up today. The deadline to enter is Friday, March 16, 2018.

Maverick Challenge Court Nights

The Maverick Challenge Court Nights are usually Monday thru Friday from 5pm until about 9pm. Challenge court nights are open to Maverick members and also non-members. Challenge Court Nights here are very competitive, players come from all over the Metroplex to play, and this is where the BEST players test their skills. The visitor fee is only $5. Come sign up on the board and join us for some racquetball fun.

Call the club for more information, (817) 275-3348.

Texas State Doubles Video Blog
Short Video of the Maverick's State Doubles Event

Maverick First Saturday of the Month Doubles Shootout

The First Saturday of the Month Doubles Shoot-out will be held the first Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Maverick at 10:00 am. The First Saturday Shootout consists of one OPEN division of doubles play. All mens players put in $20.00 and the pool is dispersed among the winners of the round robin shoot-out. Partners are drawn out of a hat. The shoot-out for the men begins promptly at 10:00 am. This is also a very fun workout and the level of play is high, which is better for everyone's game.

**Please note that we have decided to insert a rule in fairness to everyone:

"The last paid player on the list will have to drop off or withdraw if there is an uneven or odd number of players."

  • Players must be tournament level Open, Elite or A only.
  • Payout will be 80% of fees collected.
  • $20 per player, you must start and finish all games, no quitting.
  • 1st place team - 60%, 2nd place team - 40%
For more info about Maverick Racquetball contact Racquetball Professional,
Leo R Vasquez